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Vocal Coaching

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Always wanted to learn to sing but never found the right time? 

Now you can learn from the comfort of your own home, as Sarah takes her expertise off stage to the online classroom! 


Sarah strives to bring concepts of both vocal technique and real life industry experience in creative ways that are easily accessible and engaging to all ages and ability.


Areas of study include but are not limited to: 

  • Vocal Technique & Vocal Health Awareness 

  • Performance Skills  

  • Music Theory

  • GCSE and A Level Music Support 

  • Graded Vocal Exams 

  • Building Repertoire 


Lessons are taught via Zoom and are available for both adults and children 


Sarah is also a certified 'Vocal Health First Aider' with Vocal Health Education, so you can rest assured your voice will be trained in a safe and healthy way! 







Sarah holds an Enhanced DBS Certificate

and is fully insured.  

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Why Sarah ?  


  • All Ages Welcome 

  • Fun and Friendly Learning at your own pace 

  • Student centred approach designed to help you achieve your vocal goals 

30 mins 



Ideal for young or beginner level singers 

45 mins 


Intermediate Level singers 


A popular starting point for graded exam content at all ages

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60 mins



Perfect for an in depth vocal bootcamp or those looking to build up repertoire 


Get in touch to get started on your vocal journey!

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  • What can I Expect in a Lesson?
    Part of the lesson is spent doing vocal exercises which not only helps build strength & technical accuracy, but also corrects problem areas and give you routines to follow on your own. The other part is spent applying these techniques to songs with the aim to recreate a performance setting. If you are are a first time or beginner level student, try to have an idea of something you might want to sing as this will help Sarah quickly gain an understanding of your voice. This could be a song you would like to learn or one you already know but may want to improve on. It's always best to start with something you really love... However don't worry if you are unsure of where to start as Sarah will be more than happy to provide some suggestions.
  • How many lessons do I need?
    Well, there's no right or wrong answer here - It all depends on where you are currently at on your vocal journey and how quickly you want to progress. As a guideline Sarah recomends around 6 lessons on a weekly basis a great starting point to providing someone at beginner level with a basic insight into proper vocal technique and how to use the skills they've learnt in a song. There's always room to grow from here should you choose to, however, a singer with many bad habits to correct may need more time to see improvements. Essentially the more you put in, the more you will get out, but Sarah will be able to advise you on a lesson programme after assessing both your current ability and vocal goals in your first lesson.
  • How does an online lesson work and what equipment do I need?
    All Login details to enable you to access your online lesson will be provided once the lesson has been booked. Simply click on the link or enter the meeting details and you're good to go. Equipment wise, all you will need are device(s) with good internet connection and Sarah will take care of the rest! Access to a secondary device is also strongly advised for playing any backing tracks used in lesson. Most smart devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc) should be fine to work with. Use of microphones during lesson is welcomed if you already have them but not essential, so first timers please don't feel like you need to spend lots of money on studio equipment if you dont want to or can't afford to. For any students working from sheet music or grade books please make sure you have your copies with you.
  • Booking Policy
    All bookings will be taken on a first come first served basis. In the event a preferred time slot is not avalaible, other day/time slots will be offered for you to choose from. Payment is required in advance of the first lesson booked to confirm your slot. Thereafter lessons can be booked and charged for on a 'Pay-As-You-Go' basis. This way students can simply pay for what they need and learn at their own pace. Lesson prices are for 1 to 1 coaching only. Lessons can be paid for via bank transfer using the details provided on your invoice. Upon reciept of payment lesson confirmations will be sent via email.
  • Timekeeping & Cancellations
    Sarah operates a strict 48 hour Cancellation policy once lesson bookings are confirmed. This is to ensure that lesson slots that become unsuitable are not left empty and can then be offered out to others. We're all human! - Sarah understands sometimes life gets in the way and things happen, so any lessons can be rescheduled in advance of the 48hr timeframe at no extra cost. If for any reason the student can no longer make their lesson (parent/guardian for those under 16) and fails to give notice at least 48hrs in advance of the agreed time slot, you will be expected to pay the full price of the lesson. In the event Sarah has to cancel your lesson due to unforeseen circumstances, it can be re-arranged at a suitable day/time for both parties free of charge. It is your responsibility to ensure that you/your child is on time for their lesson to maximise the time we spend singing. Unfortunately, Sarah is unable to make up any lesson time lost due to lateness and your lesson will still finish at the agreed time
  • Safeguarding & Online Safety
    Sarah holds an Enhanced DBS certificate, and takes the safeguarding of her young and/or vunerable students very seriously. She has also completed training on child protection in music. For any singers under 16 the attendance of an appropriate adult is required at all times. Understandably some students may feel nervous singing in front of people, so this doesn't necessarily mean the adult needs to physicaly sit in the lesson (you're more then welcome to though at the parent's descresion), but should be within resonable distance in the building should the student need assistance. Sarah does however reccomend appropriate adults are on hand during the lesson to assist very young students if not purely for any unexpected technical issues. Sarah reserves the right to terminate lessons immediately if there is reaon to believe students are not appropriately supervised or behaving inappropriately. In this case parents/guardians will be informed as a soon as possible and the lesson lost.
  • Data Protection Policy
    Sarah can assure all client data & personal information is only used for lesson bookings and teaching purposes. Client data will NOT be relased to third parties. For more information on how any data given is stored when you book a lesson, please don't hesitate to get in touch
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